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Brompton Electric Assist
The world's lightest folding electric bike (13kg)
Designed especially for Brompton and the Brompton luggage system by people who ride their Brompton Freedom eBike every day. Create your own eBrompton.
Off Road Folding Electric Bike Brompton. Lightest electric bike. 
Freedom Ebike kit fully installed on a new Brompton bicycle of your choice.
  • The best folding bike with the best electric kit - what more could you want!
  • Proven Brompton Conversion based on improvements on well tested design.
  • Brompton folds perfectly with 80mm motor and is still easy to carry with only 3kg extra weight (including battery).
  • Light weight Lithium Ion technology battery & controller slots into rear pocket of luggage bag leaving handlebars and rest of bag free.
  • Modular battery option allows extra packs to be easily connected in parallel and slotted into other luggage bag pockets.
  • World's lightest folding electric bike at only 13kg incl. battery (installed on Brompton M2L-X).
  • Meets UK, Australia & Israel regulatory requirements (250 watt continuous power; max power assist 25kph)
  • Range of Brompton options available M3L and M2L recommended.
Folded Electric Brompton. Lightest Electric bike.