Freedom E-Bikes - Kit for 26" & 700c bikes
Freedom E-Bikes - Electric Bicycles that will transform the way you travel
E-Freedom Electric Conversion Kit
Mountain Freedom Ebike (Electric Conversion)A 3 kg addition to your bike will transform the way you travel.
  • Steep hills disappear
  • Acceleration to cruising speed is rapid and easy
  • Journey times vastly improved, especially in hilly terrain
  • Much safer in city traffic because you can accelerate and keep up with the cars to 25 kph without difficulty.
  • Arrive at the office with a glow rather than needing a shower.
The E-Freedom electric conversion kit can be added to most bicycles with 26" and 700c wheels. 26" and 700c wheel bikes use the 100mm motor option for slightly higher peak power and better fit with full size bike front forks.
The installation is simple. Just replace the front wheel with the lightweight, powerful motorised front wheel supplied. Slip the throttle on one handlebar and connect the battery/controller combination.
The small battery/controller combination allows a variety of mounting options on the bike.