Freedom eBikes - Electric Bike Conversions - Kit for Brompton, Dahon, Tern
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Convert Brompton Dahon & Tern to Electric
Create world's lightest folding electric bikes
Electric Brompton Bicycle (better than Brompton Nano) 
Proven Brompton (16" wheel), Dahon & Tern (16" and 20" wheels) conversion based on improvements on well tested design. Better than the Brompton Nano (see FAQs)
  • Converted Brompton, Dahon & Tern fold perfectly with 80mm motor and is still easy to carry with only 3kg extra weight (including battery).
  • Lightweight Lithium Ion technology battery & controller slots into rear pocket of Brompton luggage bag leaving handlebars and rest of bag free.
  • Modular battery option allows extra packs to be easily connected in parallel and slotted into other luggage bag pockets.
  • 45%+ lighter than competing electric Brompton options in their recommended configurations.
  • Meets US, UK, Australia & Israel regulatory requirements (250 watt continuous power; max power assist 25kph)
  • Easy Install kit option with modified Brompton fork - just requires changeover of front fork and throttle on handlebar and away you go.
  • Conversion also suitable for most other 16" and 20" wheel folding bikes.
Folded Electric Brompton by sea with Freedom Ebikes electric bike kit
Folded electric Brompton @ Trendy Tel Aviv cafe 
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