Freedom E-Bikes - Warranty & Service
Freedom E-Bikes - Electric Bicycles that will transform the way you travel
Kit Warranty
All kits carry a 12 month guarantee: if any part of our kit fails within the first 12 months in normal use - we will replace it free of charge except for shipping costs.
As our kit is modular its easy to replace parts.
In all cases the faulty part(s) must be returned to us or our dealer.
In addition if you're not happy with your kit we'll allow you to return it within 2 months of purchase and get your money back (excluding shipping and installation costs).
Please note that installation of any bicycle electric assist kit may adversely impact on the manufacturer's warranty for the bicycle itself.
Battery Warranty
If a battery pack fails in normal use in the first 12 months we will replace it free of charge, except for shipping costs.
If a battery pack fails in normal use in the second 12 months we will replace it for 40% of the current retail standalone price plus shipping costs.
In both cases the original battery must be returned to us or our dealer.
Please note that as with all electronic devices including mobile phones and laptops, batteries are a consumable item and will suffer loss of efficiency over their lifetime.
Battery failure means that the battery no longer has sufficient charge to propel the bike or has suffered more than a 30% loss of capacity within the first 3 months of normal use or more than 60% loss within the first 6 months of normal use. 
Guidelines for Normal Use
  • The rider must pedal whenever the motor is in use.
  • The battery pack must be disconnected from the controller once you are finished riding.
  • Once the battery does not have enough charge to power the motor under load, the battery pack must be immediately disconnected from the controller and then recharged at the earliest opportunity.
  • The battery pack should be disconnected from the charger once the green "full charge" light comes on.
  • The controller and battery must be enclosed within a bag attached to the bike and should not be directly attached to the bike.
  • The kit, including battery has not suffered physical impact or other physical or electrical damage (incl short circuit).
  • When total weight of rider + bike and luggage (incl trailer) exceeds 120kg two battery packs are used in parallel
  • Total weight of rider + bike and luggage (incl trailer) does not exceed 150kg.