Freedom E-Bikes - Why you should buy
Freedom E-Bikes - Electric Bicycles that will transform the way you travel
Why you should buy.
Freedom Ebikes has developed the world's lightest e-bike conversion kit at only 3kg (7lbs). This patented, easily installed kit has 5 components: motor, battery, throttle, controller and charger. Installed on most bikes in less than 20 minutes, the Freedom Ebikes kit is THE solution to your transport needs.
Freedom Ebike electric bike motorPowerful, Silent hub motor
Freedom E-bikes uses a powerful, yet silent front hub motor rated at 200 watts continuous power with torque (20Nm) equivalent to 250 watt motor (maximum permitted in EU) and 450 watts peak power.
From the moment you turn the throttle you'll be surprised by the amount of torque - enough to accelerate on the flat to 25kph without pedaling and car-like acceleration when pedaling.
Nanotechnology ebike battery pack (iPhone not included)Nanotechnology batteries
Freedom E-bikes uses the latest in nanotechnology lithium cells with ultra high (30C) discharge and charge rates and long 1000 cycle life.
This allows a battery weighing only 940 grams to deliver high power and sufficient range for typical city commutes.
Charging from empty takes only 1 hr 20 minutes with included fast charger and safe 30 minute charging is possible.
A modular approach allows extra battery packs to be added when required (ie towing or longer journeys). You don't carry or pay for more battery than you need.
Freedom Ebikes Electric bike kit layout with electric bike motor in wheelSimple, robust,secure plug and play design
Freedom E-bikes uses a patented plug and play design that is the simplest to install, use and service of any ebike kit on the market.  No fiddly running multiple wires and connectors around the bike. No need to fit anything to the bike other than the essentials - motorised front wheel and throttle. Everything else is light and small enough to fit in almost any front or center mounted bike bag and connects together with a robust one plug connector.
No need to leave valuable batteries and electronics on the bike as a target for theives - take it with you and recharge in a safe, convenient location.
The modular, one plug approach allows easy servicing and replacement of parts.
 Fits almost all bikes
The hub motor is available in both 80mm and 100mm versions to suit both narrow fork folders like Brompton & Dahon as well as full size bikes. The battery / controller combination can fit in a front luggage bag or else be frame mounted on non-folding bikes.