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VAT & Duty Free Import to the EU
Why not buy a cheap Chinese electric bike
Brompton Installation Video
eBrompton indefinitely delayed! - Freedom eBikes has the solution
Freedom Ebikes announces US & EU distribution & servicing


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VAT & Duty Free Import to the EU

A fantastic new service has just been introduced by EMS.
Supply us with a valid business name, address and VAT number in the 15 nation EU bloc and you will receive your order VAT and duty free. That's right. You heard correct.
Shipping is only slightly more and it is more than compensated for by the tax savings.
If you or anyone else you know has been thinking about purchasing a Freedom eBikes kit but have been put off by the potential taxes, then this is for you.

Why not buy a cheap Chinese electric bike

Customers often ask me: "Why should I buy your electric bike conversion kit and a quality folding bike such as Brompton, Dahon, Dr Hon or Tern when I can buy a cheap Chinese folding electric bike for only about 20% more than our kit cost?" 

Well the answer to that is simple - the cheap Chinese folding electric bikes are absolute rubbish as bikes! 
85%+ of their value is in the electrical components and the bike components are of low quality and poor design.The batteries are also not the best quality and are prone to failure.

Brompton Installation Video

It may have taken us a while but we have finally produced a high quality, professional video showing clearly and in great detail how to correctly install our Freedom Ebikes kit on a Brompton. The video is available both on our website and on YouTube. Please take a few minutes to view the video and let us know any comments you might have. As always, your thoughts are important to us.

eBrompton indefinitely delayed! - Freedom eBikes has the solution

Dear Brompton lovers,
I'm sure you were disappointed to hear that Brompton's electric option has been derailed by supplier issues and is "indefinitely delayed". 

Freedom eBikes has the solution to Brompton customers needs.

Its as easy to fold, ride and can be carried as freely as any other Brompton, while offering all the advantages of electric-assistance.

We've been providing our customers with the best electric-assistance solution for the best folding bike for 4 years now.

Freedom Ebikes announces US & EU distribution & servicing

After a long search for a suitable partner in the EU & USA, Freedom Ebikes is pleased to announce that it has arranged distribution and servicing of its kits out of London, England and Florida, USA.

This means that shipping will be quicker and cheaper for US & EU dealers and customers.
It will also allow cheaper, quicker and less hassle parts replacement servicing.

This is a big step for Freedom Ebikes!

Trip to Collarenebri, Moree & Tamworth

I've written previously about one ofmy trips in Israel and Europewith my Freedom Ebike and wanted to share another travel experiences which illuminates the amazing freedom and flexibility that our electric bike kits give you, especially when installed on aBrompton folding bicycle.

When I was in Australia recently I had to spend a couple of days in the NSW country town of Collarenebri, where I am installing a number of solar PV systems. My house in Coogee in Sydney is about 10km from the Airport and my flight left at 7am.

Transporting Children on a Freedom Ebike

Ever wondered about transporting children on a bicycle?
There are a number of options that can be used alone or in combination:
a) rear child seats;
b) front child seats;
c) child trailers for 2-3 kids;
d) riding double.

I've tried all except b) with much success and the kids love it.
Its also quite safe as long as you don't ride too fast and are aware of the extra size and weight.
However all of these options significantly increase the power demands on the rider such that its very difficult for normal people (ie not Lance Armstrong) to take multiple children in hilly terrain.

Freedom Ebike Trip in Israel & Europe

I thought I'd share with you my recent trip in Israel and Europe as an excellent example of how a good quality folding electric bike can transform the way you travel.

I had a wedding on a somewhat isolated Kibbutz in central Israel on Sunday night then my nephew's Bar Mitzvah (Jewish coming of age ceremony) in Strasbourg France on Monday night and Tuesday, then Eurobike 2010 on Lake Constance in Germany on Wednesday & Thursday returning to Israel on Thursday night / friday morning.

I have a Brompton M3L-X (Kojak tyres) with Freedom Ebikes electric conversion (it's our demo bike).